Saturday, September 17, 2016

Flat Stanley adventures

 this is the officer that insisted I be in the picture and then he asked me to email him  I am going to put on their facebook page envetually with a big thank you  Freedom Park where the WWI memorial is with JET

 Pretty cool these sail boats they wanted to attach him and put in water but I said no I didn't want to loose him in the water  LOL   Very sweet gentleman about 15 had boats out there like this and bigger

 This is the art district of the city I live in Pinellas Park  This pic is like finding Waldo  LOL

 a  pretty butterfly garden  
 This is at city hall PP

 a beautiful 911 memorial with a steal beam from one of the twin towers  I was so touched  I didn't know that there was a memorial there

 I had this chair made out of cloth pins was a perfect accessory to take pictures  LOL this was before I got him laminated  He was a little worn after being out for a couple of hours I knew he would not make it if I didn't laminate him also won't blow away like he did when he was on the hammock

 this is the sign in front of the school on the next block from my house   Scary how high the water level would be in a CAT 5 storm surge